About You

What if you recognise yourself?

Unfulfilled at work?
Need someone to kick your ass?
You “should” be happy?
Craving change, but missing the courage?
Looking for a purpose?

Life Coaching

No matter where you are, my coaching is available to you. I coach online via phone and video calls.

On our beautiful coaching journey I will:

  1. become a trusted friend who will challenge you to perform at your best.
  2. help you to find the motivation essential to taking action and accomplishing your goals.
  3. give you the confidence to change jobs, move to a new city or get out of a toxic relationship and support you during the process.
  4. help you process your old beliefs to get more done and find your inner peace.
  5. support you in finding ways to earn more by identifying your strengths that you can leverage.
  6. help you name your fears and do everything you want to do.
  7. challenge you to learn, grow, have fun and take action in exciting new ways.
  8. help you find clarity by knowing your values and your patterns better.
  9. make your decision making process easier.

I am offering a discovery session online for free to enable you to experience coaching and to see if we are a good match.

Reinvent yourself program

When you're ready commit to a longer journey...

During the process you will get answers to the following questions among others:

  1. Who are you today?
    Knowing yourself better through defining your values, strengths, fears, “crew members”. - min. 3 sessions
  2. What is holding you back?
    Discovering your limiting beliefs and patterns which do not work anymore. - min. 2 sessions
  3. What do you really want?
    Finding your purpose and what fulfillment means to you. Believe that you can have it all! - min. 2 sessions
  4. How does it feel to be the truly amazing you?
    Increase your energy and decrease your stress level. Connect with your inner child and through self-love learn to accept yourself and dare to be who you truly are. - min. 4 sessions
  5. Action plan:
    creating new habits, grow like never before. - min. 3 sessions

About Me

Who am I when no one is watching?

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Mr. Elie C.

For the last couple of years, I have been looking at living closer to my purpose in every area of my life. Somewhere half way, I met Bernadett and we started having periodic sessions, which helped me go for my most ambitious goals. Coaching sessions with Bernadett are fun and energising. It doesn’t feel like work, yet progress is significant and she knows how to support you to get a step further than your comfort zone. And this is where the magic begins.

Henrik A.

I met Bernadett in Bali. She is a very open and positive person, she easily talks about her own challenges, which made it easy for me to build trust. She has now coached me during 10 sessions and the results have been amazing.
One thing I appreciate a lot about her, is that she is taking her own medicine. She continuously challenges herself as she does with me. Another thing i noticed: the more I let go of control of the content, the better it works. She managed to make coaching fun and very effectful.
I can highly recommend her as a coach.

Gabor Sz.

Perhaps oddly, I started to consider turning to a coach when I felt I got the major areas of my life on the right track. But that was when I felt ready to seek external help to enter a newer dimension. I was hesitant whether coaching would be my thing, but I gave it a shot, and the discovery call with Bernadett exceeded my high expectations. Now I've been through 5 sessions and I can tell that I am transforming for the better week by week, and am able to see the steps on my path clearly further on. It is very exciting.

János P.

Bernadett has helped me through some serious decisions and a low point as well. Her ability to catch you when you are lying to yourself and confront you about it in a gentle, compassionate fashion, is incredibly helpful for helping you fulfill your dreams.

Périne S.

I know Bernadett as a very intuitive, gentle, smart, insightful co-active coach. Her sparkling, positive energy is very inspiring and her ability to get straight to what matters makes her very effective in her coaching. She has the ability to create awareness just with her presence.

Jessica B.

Do you want to be coached with understanding and care? Bernadett as a life coach is authentic, likable, practical and professional. She laughs, makes you feel at ease, shares her opinions and had asked me questions that helped me realize what needs to happen in my life for me to see that I have progressed towards my goal of greater self acceptance. She offered introductary coaching and I wouldn´t hestitate to recommend her to those wanting a supportive guide on their first experience to self development.

Anna M.

Bernadett has a truly charming coaching style and if she looks directly into your soul, Bernadett gets quick understanding of the challengies your are coming through and helps you discover the future. She stands by your side and helps you own your dreams. She listens to your concerns and picks up quickly on your self-beliefs which limit your potential. With Bernadett you discover new ways, new options and courage to pursue what you were long aiming for.


Bernadett Nagy

If you’re ready to take your life to the next level, it’s time to get started!
If you would like to learn more about life coaching, let's chat!

Languages: English, Hungarian
E-mail: mirrorme@bernadett.coach
Facebook: @mirrormebyBernadett
Instagram: @mancoachingbybernadett
YouTube: ManCoaching by Bernadett Nagy